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Mar in Color is a singer/songwriter based in Grand Rapids, MI. Her piano-driven indie pop/rock songs oscillate between raw emotion and playful wit, often at the same time. In live performances, Mar draws listeners in with her unfiltered honesty, heartfelt sincerity, and raw vulnerability, creating a deeply resonant connection with her audience while dazzling them with a dynamic vocal performance that showcases her impressive range.


Mar’s classical vocal training is blended with her love of multiple styles of music. From the sultry jazz crooning of Ella Fitzgerald to the dark and powerfully emotional rock style of bands like Evanescence, to the playful pop flourishes of groups like NSYNC, Mar’s list of influences gel together to form a vocal style that is uniquely hers.


A self-described maximalist, Mar rejects the sparse arrangements of other indie artists in favor of a more symphonic sound. Her debut album, Jesus Issues, pairs piano-driven pop with lush layers of choral harmonies, soaring strings, triumphant brass, and unconventional percussion, all arranged and produced by Mar herself. Her ultimate dream is to perform a Tiny Desk Concert with a full symphony orchestra & choir crammed behind the desk.


In addition to her work as a solo artist, Mar is also a featured vocalist and collaborator on several EDM tracks. She just released a collaborative EP called Darkness In Me with bass music producer TechTonic, who aims to bring live performance into the EDM sphere. The EP is a beautiful blend of the two artists’ styles, and moves fluidly between multiple sub-genres, including wave, trap, dubstep, deep dub, and more, while maintaining a core sound that is dark, vibey, and downright sexy.

She is looking forward to releasing her sophomore album, Violets Bloom early next year, which dives deep into her struggles with mental health and gets a bit existential. The album centers around the seemingly unanswerable question "why is stillness so elusive?" while still maintaining twinges of optimism and reminding listeners of her quick wit and sometimes dark sense of humor.

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Only in my Mind is a track that will be on Mar's upcoming sophomore album, Violets Bloom. An EDM remix of it can be heard below on the Darkness in Me EP. It tells the all too relatable story of endless self-sabotage that can only be cured by self-awareness.

Jesus Issues is the title track on Mar's debut album. This stripped-down acoustic version of the bold, confident rock anthem is a fun, flirty counterpart to the album version which features organ, laughter, and a healthy dose of cowbell.


Mar's latest release, the Darkness in Me EP (2023), was a departure from her usual indie pop/rock sound, as it was a collaboration with electronic bass music producer TechTonic. The EP's four tracks tell the story of the darkness that lives inside all of us. Haunting vocal melodies, sinister basses, and ethereal soundscapes weave together in a foreboding body of work that highlights both artists’ skillsets and tells the dark side of the human story. 

Mar's debut album, Jesus Issues (2022), pairs piano-driven pop with lush layers of choral harmonies, soaring strings, triumphant brass, and unconventional percussion, all arranged and produced by Mar herself. The album's nine tracks walk you through a coming-of-age chapter of life with raw honesty and quick wit. With her warm, sultry voice, Mar shares stories of heartbreak and unrequited love, grapples with her lack of faith, and tries desperately to hold on to herself as people and things continue to come and go.

"Jesus Issues is brutally honest and filled with heartbreak yet somehow maintains a positive feel. It’s similar to the way many Motown songs seem happy until you listen to the lyrics and while there is a slight Motown element the album is far more reminiscent of 90’s and early 2000’s piano pop stars like Tori Amos, Sarah Mclachlan, Dido or Adele. Piano, a wonderful string section with occasional French horn, unique and interesting percussion and absolutely gorgeous harmonies along with soaring lead vocals are the foundations of Mar’s emerging sound. Everything is well done. Mar in Color has all the makings to be the next darling of the West Michigan music scene."

- Nicholas James Thomasma 


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