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Wedding Symphony Movement I: Indigo

Today we’re gonna dive a bit deeper into the significance of the first movement of our wedding symphony, titled Indigo, and unveil the music video! If you don't know what I'm talking about, go back and read the previous post where I talked about the overall project :)

I'm really excited about and proud of all 5 movements I arranged, but this one has a special significance because of the way it begins. You see, when Aaron and I first met, we immediately started talking about the possibility of a collab. He was looking for vocals on a particular piano sketch. So we exchanged numbers, and a couple days later, he sent me the piano part.

That piano part ended up becoming the song Indigo, which was our first collab under his old project, As_Is and my old moniker, Rissa Jade. It's wild to think that our connection BEGAN with this piano melody. It was the first little piece of his soul that he sent me, and I connected with it immediately. 

Our entire relationship started with that piano melody. So it only seemed fitting to start our wedding symphony with it as well. That melody symbolizes the beginning of our relationship - both romantically and musically. The two have never been separate and they couldn't if they tried.

I find it so incredible the way our separate melodies fit so seamlessly together in the same piece of music. I've said it before and I'll say it again - the coolest part about being friends with other musicians is getting to hear what their souls sound like. And when their soul sounds kind of like yours, there's nothing like that feeling of soul-level connection.

For those of you who have been familiar with Aaron's and my music for some time now, this movement has some real gems from the vault (and some unreleased ones)! If you listen closely, you'll hear elements from:

  • Indigo (by As_Is, Aaron's former project & me)

  • Across the Shadows (also by As_Is & me)

  • Scars from the River (from my album Jesus Issues)

  • Ex Nihilo (also by As_Is)

  • Shoulders (my unreleased song that will be on my upcoming album Violets Bloom)

  • Texico Mexas (a goofy unreleased folk song with ever-changing lyrics we made up on our first roadtrip and now sing on all of them)

  • Utopia (by TechTonic)

  • Spirit Animals (by TechTonic)

Now without further ado, the music video!

This is one of the longer and more thematically dense movements, but there is still sooo much more to unpack as we move through the rest of the symphony! Stay tuned for movement II :)


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