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Wedding Symphony Movement III: Endless Journey

We’re onto movement 3 of Aaron’s and my wedding symphony! Movement 3 is both the shortest and the saddest, and it has such a special place in my heart (as they all do!). But really, this one sounds so freakin’ sad, I can’t even lie lolol. Maybe too sad for a wedding? 😆

The thing is, my favorite music has always been sad. And when Aaron sits down to write melodies, they always have that sad nostalgia ache woven into them. It’s part of why we vibe so well together, musically and otherwise! If he writes sad music and I write sad music and we write sad music together, then idk what else our wedding symphony is gonna sound like 😁

I think it speaks to the fact that when you really love someone or something, there IS a certain sadness to it that can’t be denied. Because everything we experience on this earth is temporary. The bad, and also the good. There’s a certain sadness to accepting that everything is temporary, even if it lasts your entire earthly lifetime. 

So please enjoy some deeply sad love music that we played right before pledging our eternal love to one another 😁

The name of this movement comes from a song from Aaron's old project, As_Is. The piano intro of this song serves as the foundation for this movement.

I always find it super interesting to see which songs of ours fit together like puzzle pieces, and interestingly the list for this movement has a good amount of overlap with the list for movement 1. Don’t worry - the next two will be wildly different! And very, very Mar 🙂

As you listen to movement 3, can you recognize themes from any of these songs??

  • Endless Journey (by Aaron’s old project As_Is, from the Departure EP)

  • Same God (by me, on my album Jesus Issues)

  • Scars from the River (by me, on my album Jesus Issues)

  • Indigo (by As_Is & me)

  • Across the Shadows (by As_Is & me)

Have a listen and enjoy the Redwoods here:

As we continue to dive deeper into Aaron’s and my wedding symphony, I just need to gush for a minute about how life-giving it was to not only write this music, not only hear it playing through the trees on our wedding day as guests were seated and we were anxiously waiting for one of the biggest moments of our lives, but get to hear it echo through the f$%#ing redwoods on our honeymoon right after.

I never intended to release these songs in any way other than passing out burned CDs to our wedding guests as party favors. But those moments we spent driving through the redwoods and listening to one of those CDs were simply surreal and needed to be shared. 

We had a lot of fun handing out our leftover CDs to random people we met on the road, but I’m so glad we remembered to save one for us (our beloved road trip van, Flo only has a CD player!). 

Driving through these breathtaking scenes with this soundtrack playing is absolutely a core memory for me and I’m so grateful the internet exists so I can attempt to share just a fraction of how awe-inspiring it was. 

I can’t wait to share the next movement on Monday!! In the meantime, we’ll be performing together at a private campout called Springtime Soundwave on Saturday, then after that I'm kicking off the first ever Sunday Brunch at Big Shotz in Montague! It's gonna be a great weekend for music :) I especially can’t wait to experience more music through the trees <3

PS: My album Kickstarter is live! Have you had a chance to check it out yet? Click here!


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