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Wedding Symphony Movement IV: Violets Bloom

Ahhh I’m SO excited for you to hear the fourth movement of our wedding symphony! This one is called Violets Bloom, just like my upcoming album! Coincidence?? Pfffft NEVER!

I almost hesitate to share this now but I’m too excited not to so HERE YOU GO! This movement is a medley of my entire upcoming album that you haven’t heard yet! You may recognize themes from a few songs that I’ve been performing live, but a lot of these themes come not just from the vocal/piano part, but from the arrangements I haven’t shared with anyone yet!

If you didn’t know, ya girl loves brass. And strings. And choir. And this album is gonna have a LOT of all of that! Along with a full sad indie rock band! Hence why I need your support funding the recording of this album! Bringing a vision this big to life and actually doing it justice requires help from a lot of other very talented humans who deserve to be paid fairly for their talents and time. And oh my goodness am I excited to borrow the talents and time of some incredible humans!

The one unexpected thing I really gathered from working on this project was that I would absolutely LOVE to score movies someday. Being able to stitch different themes together and weave in and out of them, blending them with elements from different areas, is SO MUCH FUN. 

I really feel like this is the best part of my brain. The fruit salad part. The part that has a million different things swirling together all at once, so much so that they naturally start to weave together into something new and beautiful. As much as my ADHD brain drives me crazy sometimes, I wouldn’t trade it for anything. 

I’m so grateful for my brain’s ability to stitch unrelated things together seamlessly and I LOVE finding new and different outlets for it. Remixing an album into a symphony movement feels like big DJ energy honestly, and makes me wish I had time to try my hand at DJing! One of these days…😁 

So anyway, if you want a real glimpse into this album, swirling together all at once, check out the full movement here:

I CANNOT WAIT for you to hear the album itself, so hopefully this gets you excited too! Again, if you want to help me make this album possible, click HERE to check out my Kickstarter!


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