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Wedding Symphony Movement V: Forever

Updated: 6 days ago

Ahhh we’re onto the final symphony movement before the processional and recessional! Movement 5 is called Forever. Is that because true love is forever? Actually… 

This movement is basically two sections - the first of which is a piano solo that will be on my upcoming album, Violets Bloom. That song is called Forever, and the reason why is actually kind of hilarious. You see, I first wrote that song like, god I don’t even know, 7 years ago? Several years before I started actually writing songs in a singer/songwriter fashion. 

I had just gotten my antique baby grand piano (for free on craigslist!!) and it was inspiring me to start exploring the keys in a new way that I hadn’t really been doing before. This song is something that I wrote back then and never had any idea what to do with because it didn’t seem to need vocals or anything. I always pictured it with strings, but still had no plans/ideas of what to do with it. It was just a melody that had lived in my head forever.

So when I was compiling the tracks for my upcoming album, Violets Bloom, I decided to finally give it a home, and the working title I gave it was “Forever,” because it had been in my head forever XD But now I can’t think of it as any other song!

That’s just the first segment of this movement though! After the actual song, “Forever,” the rest of this movement transitions into a medley of all the songs from my first album, Jesus Issues! Well, all the ones I didn’t already touch on in other movements 🙂

I’m super proud of how this arrangement turned out because I essentially got to move through each song sequentially, but in a way that’s so subtle, you almost don’t realize it’s changing to another song :D 

Can you spot the moment when it shifts from I Can’t Love You to SMB? Or from SMB to Quit Bein’ So Good? Or from that to Missing? Or to I Didn’t Know I Wasn’t Me? This movement travels through each of those AND has little bits of Quiet sprinkled throughout! 

I absolutely love getting to experiment with putting various melodies over different chord structures, and I had a blast with this final movement. I’m a little sad the main part of the symphony is over, but there are still two pieces of music left - original compositions by AARON for the processional and recessional <3 

PS - time is running out to donate to my album Kickstarter!! Please help make my dreams come true <3 you can hear me play some of the songs from the upcoming album LIVE this Thursday as I perform on GR Live from 12-1. It’s recorded live at the Midtown in downtown GR and also broadcasted on WYCE :)


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